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Guiltless Pleasure

I usually feel a twinge of guilt when I watch something I’ve already seen, especially when I have a seemingly infinite queue of films and TV shows that I haven’t seen, but when it’s something as good as “House of Cards” all of that melts away. Short and simply, if you haven’t seen “House of Cards” you should. David Fincher’s influence over the series’ visual style is probably the most compelling aspect of the show for me. It’s absolutely gorgeous to behold. The production design is stunning; beautiful people in beautiful clothing; not-so-beautiful people lit and shot beautifully; beautiful settings, both interiors and exteriors. It’s the sort of show you can put on mute and still enjoy. That said, you’d miss out on the great score and dialogue. I could go on and on in detail about various highlights, I haven’t even touched on the story and my thoughts about morality and American corruption, but I’ll spare both you and me… spare me especially since I’m halfway through Season One as I type (or Swype actually) and I want to get back into it. I was just sitting here thinking that it would be such a shame if someone was still on the fence about whether or not they should get started with the series. You should.